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More than ever before, the digitally savvy customer is willing to switch brands across a wide range of services including mobile/cell phones, electricity, gas and even banking services. Understanding the causes and their reasons for switching gives businesses an important strategic advantage in planning for improved customer service, customer retention and consequently sales and profit.

NewVoiceMedia carried out an in-depth investigation into attitudes to customer service in the UK and US.  Findings offer a compelling view of the consequences of poor service, with billions being transferred between businesses every year as customers switch following a bad experience. But in which nation are consumers quickest to switch? Where are people most impatient, and who is most likely to seek revenge through social media?

Join NewVoiceMedia’s SVP Marketing, Tim Pickard, as he facilitates the first online discussion around this research into switching in the US and UK with Sarah Stealey Reed, ICMI and Martin Hill-Wilson, BrainFood.  Join us and share your thoughts on twitter, #switchers, and get involved in the discussion!

Why do customers switch brands?